booti the perfect boot shaper           Whether in winter or during summer storagebooti free of chlorine

        - Don´t wait for folds and creases to develop!

        - keeps all leather and cloth boots in shape

        - adapts to every shape and size

        - is space-saving and lightweight for travel

        - protect the boot -  even in the box

        - avoids bending and creasing

                                        - ventilates your boots for best maintenance

                                                  It´s that simple: insert the boot and let it unroll itself there. 



e.g for fashionable boots

8 single  shapers for 4 pairs of boots

booti COLOR

booti color in 4 different colors

8 single shapers for 4 pairs of boots

booti SMALL

e.g for short boots

8 single shapers for 4 pairs of boots