Terms and Conditions

Ordering and Payment

After getting your order we will send you an invoice by e-mail. As soon as your payment in advance is on our bank account, the product will be dispatched.
Deficiencies / return shipments
The consignee is obliged to inform us of any deficiency without further delay. The transport agent has to be informed about any damage occurring in transit. Return shipments should be arranged with us and send back to us cost-free.
Right of Return
Internet trade is ruled by the “Fernabsatzgesetz” (= current law recently emerged from e-commerce regulations dealing with contracts made in absence of the contracting partners).
As per § 3 “Fernabsatzgesetz” the customer may return the goods up to 2 weeks after receipt and cancel the order. Early return of the goods is sufficient to comply with the terms. Giving any reasons is not necessary for the cancellation. In case you cancel the order you are obliged to return the sufficiently pre-paid goods to us. We will not accept shipments without adequate prepayment.
In case the goods have already been paid, we refund the value of goods immediately after the goods have reached us in a perfectly condition.
For prices, please refer directly to our online shop. With publication of this price list, all earlier price lists become invalid. - This price list will be valid until publication of a new price list. Should your order reach us only after publication of a new price list, then we will inform you of the new price so that you can decide if you wish to continue with the order. The same applies for wrong prices due to print or software errors.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
If any part of this contract is declared invalid or incomplete the remaining portion shall continue in full force and effect.
Data Storage
Our business partners note that due to EDP-based bookkeeping necessary data are stored. Our business partner waives any particular notification according to Federal Data Protection Law.
The contract shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Our General Business and Delivery terms apply all over the world without any qualification. Agreements which deviate from these conditions must be in writing. By placing the order the customer fully accepts our General Business and Delivery terms.


Berlin, 01.06.2010